Designed to last a Lfetime

The Essential is based on our patented compression technology, which means is 'Core' can be easily taken out of the box, and either swapped with a new and improved one for a complete upgrade of your battery; or, serviced and returned to you as a fully renewed product with an extended life to keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum.

Functinal performance

We have not only improved the battery performance specifications, reaching up to 200A+ peak power with more capacity than ever before, but we have also ensured the most comfortable experience with our products through its design features. Thanks to its ergonomic carry handle for easy lifting, rubber feet for stability and the ability to position in multiple orientations safely, the Essential is the optimal solution for mobile applications.

Universally applicable

The Essential is a Group-31 standalone battery optimised for use in a variety of applications, ranging from powering your motorhome to an electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to a remote telecoms station. Utilising lithium technology means the battery is twice lighter than a typical lead-acid product, making it ideal for mobile applications where weight and space are critical.