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  • Specification: 8kWh

Be Energy Smart

he Offgen is our all-in-one energy storage solution for residential or commercial use. With increasing renewable energy access from solar PV, it now makes more sense to use all the energy you produce. Especially as feed in tariffs are decreasing globally. The Offgen promotes cleaner energy whilst giving you greater grid independence.

All-in-one solution

  • One box solution equals a stressfree installation experience

Remote battery monitoring

  • Predictive intelligence systems sending real-time performance data

20+ year lifespan

  • Serviceable solution matching the lifespan of your solar PV investment

Made in the UK

  • Designed by Aceleron’s engineering team in the UK and manufactured at our partner site in Yorkshire.

3 install configurations

  • The Offgen is versatile and can be installed in three configurations: AC, DC or UPS.


  • Weatherproof one-box solution, suitable for outdoor installation.